The top 5 healthiest condiments (and the WORST)

When I moved back to N.Ireland from S.Africa some years  ago …14 to be precise…I immediately noticed the difference in the diet and the abundance of condiments or sauces that people used here on their food.

condimentsI see this every day I go into the college canteen and I am still amazed at the amount of sauce that people throw over their food. Sometimes I think to myself  …

” what is the point of ordering the food when you drown out the taste with Tomato sauce?”

In today’s article from one of our most trusted Nutritionists, we’ll show you some of the healthiest condiments (that are also delicious) that can protect your health and also the WORST condiments that can harm your health
Take a guess at How these rate:

Ketchup, mustard, guac, mayo, hot sauce, and more:

==> The top 5 healthiest condiments  (and the WORST)

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