What is up with my thyroid?

I have been feeling bad lately so a month ago I had a blood test and it showed i had an under active thyroid so my doctor did NOT put me on pills cause he wanted to be sure i had it, so he made me wait 2 whole months for another blood test, and now it shows that I don’t have it…………..(which i’m very pleased about!!!!!!)
but i searched it up and the symptoms described me to a tee and i dont have it.

why would it show i had it at first (a bad case as well) and now it has suddenly gone and i did nothing to make it go?


The Hypothyroidism Revolution here


  • Bella

    My advice would be to get another blood test, or better yet, another doctor. If thyroid conditions go untreated, it can drastically affect your health. I have hypothyroidism (an under-active thyroid gland) and my doctor wanted to put me on medicine ASAP.

  • Persephone

    i agree with the first answer, try another blood test.
    i fit all the symptoms too, but when i got a blood test done it showed nothing. few months later i got another blood test from a different doctor/lab and it showed up that i have a slightly underactive thyroid.

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