i have early age greying of hair. and they are increasing. Could i know a natural cure for it.?

cure for pre age greying of hair……natural cure way for preventing and cure


  • My mother, who kept her own dark colouring until after the age of 80, was very vain about her hair. When she started to grey and thin she was very upset with the fact, so she did a lot of research in her Natural Health books.

    What she came up with was flax seed.

    The literature claimed that consumption of one tablespoon of flax seed over your food at each meal, would result in the increased thickening of hair growth, and in some cases, the return of the natural dark colour.

    Mum bought ground flax seed from her health food store and afterwards religiously ate that one tablespoon of flax seed on each meal. (She said it wasn’t at all bad once she got used to it being there. Like just another added nutty flavour.) It took awhile, but about a year later, we both started to notice that her hair was coming in thicker again, and over the next few months we noticed a marked increase in the hair darkening back to her normal colour.

    If you do not want to add the actual seeds to your food, I imagine that you could get the same result from using flax seed oil.

  • robert KS LEE.

    no way 4 curing grey hairs except hair dying which is only temporary cure n may have side effects later on.this’s a sign of wisdom y u want to worry about?

  • I started getting some grey hairs at age 4 – why fight it? Lots of people add streaks to their hair and those of us with early grey have them for free! I don’t know of any "Cure" for hair greying unless you color or highlight it. Rejoice in your own special beauty!

  • I myself has asked the same question on Yahoo 4 days back. I got one or two answers. One was that you could use henna which gives red colour to hair. In India, people soak henna powder with tea leaves and gooseberry powder in an iron vessel over night. The reaction of gooseberry with iron gives a darker colour with henna than usual red colour. You have to apply this mixture generously covering the roots of hair, leave it for at least 2 hours and wash off.
    The other solution is to use sage extract which I have not tried.

  • The Homeopathic Remedy PSORINUM in 1M potency taken once a week is know to reverse premature greying hair without any side effects or complications.
    Take Care and God Bless You !

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