How important is aerobic exercises to weight loss and overall health?

I am working on dropping around 20-30 pounds of body fat. I already have started eating healthy, and I do push-ups and sit-ups daily. How important is aerobic exercise to losing weight and also just overall better health? Thanks.
How important is AEROBIC EXERCISE to weight loss and overall health?



    It is very important for weight loss and for optimum health.
    "It is almost impossible to lose weight fast without the aid of exercises. Changing your eating habits alone won’t yield any permanent results! Weight loss can be achieved only when you combine healthy eating with physical activity. Exercises boost your metabolic rate, which in turn helps you burn fat fast".
    Now, what is very important is the type of exercise you do. Of course cardio is efficient. But what you want to do is get fat-weight loss to happen after, long after, your work out rather than during.
    If you do cardio intense cardio for thirty minutes or more, your going to get your body to start burning fat while your training. What this does is tells your body it needs fat for the next training session. You ‘will loose if your calorie intake is less than what you are burning. But you body still wants to store fat for energy. So, after you start to eat normal, you will start to gain the weight back. The solution is to do on-off intensity for about twenty minutes. This will increase your heart and lung capacity. Plus it will tell your body that it doesn’t need to carry the extra weight because it is to heavy and slowing it down during the bursts of training. Therefore you will burn the fat after the workout for many hours.
    Example of the training that I am talking about:
    "The quickest way for fast weight loss is to increase your heart rate for one minute, than lower the intensity for recovery period of about a minute. Basically your goal is to increase your heart rate and lung capacity for one to tow minutes and the recover your breath before you do it again. Do this for four or five times and it should take about twenty minutes to complete. This will activate fat burning ‘after’ you work out rather than during. Long after".
    This way of exercise is conducive to the way we as humans are built. We are built for short bursts of speed to "get away" from predators.
    Your body will not store weight because it has no idea when the next "fight or flight" is going to happen. Make sense, doesn’t it?

  • jtwill85

    In short, its nearly vital. Cardiorespiratory/vascular exercise is great for heart health. There are very few chronic diseases out there that aren’t linked to obesity so losing unnecessary weight is great from that standpoint as well.

  • Brian

    There is no doubt about it that aerobic exercise is crucial to your capability to shed weight. In late ’08 I decided to dump around 25lbs from 225 to 200.

    I started a calendar with a check mark for the respective days and then merely started to run on the treadmill.

    My goal was to work out for 20 of the 30 days in any given month. First, I ran at around 5.5 mph w/ an incline of about 2 for 14 minutes.

    Then, I built my stamina up to around 17 minutes and pumped up the mph to around 5.8 to 6.0.

    Immediately, I started going to the scale and seeing it go from 225 to 221 to 219 and so on.

    Oh, one thing I neglected to mention, actually 2….was cutting out any caloric based fluids including soda, fruit juices, sports drinks and the like. Just spring water and that took out a huge block of calories monthly for me.

    Another was core ab situps on a large red ball…this is accompanied by side to sides standing vertically.

    All of this combined for a quickened shedding of weight and I finally made it up to 6.5 mph for 19.5 minutes.

    I challenge anyone to do this plan and then tell me if they didn’t drop a lot of weight even after 60-90 days.

  • Ronny A

    I never knew how those people kept in shape and
    looked great all the time. I used to have the
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    Good luck to you!

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