Do colon cleanses actually make you lose weight and feel better?

Have any of you ever done a colon cleanse or one of those ‘Master Cleanses’? I’m wondering if they actually work to help lose weight fast?

Also, if it does work, what would be the requirements of doing it.. like would you have to take off from work and stuff?


  • elliot737

    Colon cleansing will improve your health and in some cases peaple lose weight particularly if you use the herbal fiberblend cleanse which slow but very effective, it will clean the entire digestive system where as water cleansing will only clean the bowl. I have read about a testomony of a ladie who was very overweight and went on herbal fiberblend and past a large tape worm then amazingly began to loose a heap of weight.
    If you cleanse with herbal fiberblend you will not need to take time of work, it is gentle, but you may have to have a motion up to 4 times per day, but its not like you have diahhroea. For more information on the subject the best info site I can recomend is I think it contains the tape worm testomony as well. You can also order herbal fiberblend at a discounted price through the site as well.
    I hope this has been some help to you.

  • Katherine W

    No, it’s nonsense. You may lose weight temporarily, but you lose muscle, and then you regain weight once you stop the cleansing.

  • heathersoda9562

    yeah it dose

    i ride my bike alot and cleanse and only eat 1 or 2 meals a day drink water

    i take in about 900 calores a day

    try to cleanse and eat sub way for a month and youl see results

    i got mine in mexico they were like 20$
    its 60 pills 2 a day
    and thats it

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