• Deborah O

    You take in cholesterol in your diet and your body makes it. If you take in too little your body will protect you by making more. The key is not in overall cholesterol but in the amount of good vs. bad cholesterol. You really can’t tell from the cholesterol number on the nutrition label. You will have to look at fats, fiber, sugar, and carbs as well. They all contribute to your bad cholesterol numbers. This article, http://www.ehow.com/how_4792656_control-cholesterol-part-fats.html will give you inforation about which fats contribute to the bad cholesterol and which help the good cholesterol. You want the good cholesterol to be high because it helps lower the bad cholesterol. Also look at parts 2 and 3 of the same article under "related articles."

  • Yes, depending upon the type and quantity (definition of "lots") of cholesterol you are consuming. Some have a naturally higher occuring level of bad cholesterol than others. Weight is not necessarily a factor in determining cholesterol levels in the blood stream, good or bad.

  • Winnie

    Some dietary advisors claim that if you eat a low carb diet and don’t worry about fats you eat such as butter, eggs, meat etc, your cholesterol levels will drop to the ‘perfect’ range. You have to eat only about 30 carbs a day to achieve this though. High carbohydrate foods are those such as bread, hamburger buns, white rice, baked goods etc.


    Yes, If I eat lots of food that contains good cholesterol (HDL), Avoid foods with bad cholesterol (LDL) and saturated fat and take heavy exercise regularly, I hope to keep my blood cholesterol low.

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