how long do i cook a joint of beef for ( about 2lb in weight?

i want it so it just melts in your mouth but not with reddish colour in middle


  • Avalon

    Allow 20 minutes per lb plus 20 minutes if the meat is on the bone. If it is boneless allow 25 minutes per lb. plus 25 if you are cooking in a hot oven mrk 7.

    Personally I prefer to roast it in a moderate oven mrk4 as this makes the joint moister. It’s 27 minutes per lb plus 27 on the bone or 33 minutes per lb plus 33 for boneless joints. Assuming yours is boneless that would mean cooking it for 99mins or 1hour 39 minutes.

    You can test the meat at the end of these cooking times by inserting a skewer. If the juices that co e out are red cook it for a little longer.

  • bruvvamoff

    Hour and half maybe? I’d cook it for 20 minutes, I like it rare.

  • Pavouk

    Blazing hot oven. 20 minutes a pound, 20 minutes extra gives you 60 minutes
    Leave to stand for 30 minutes before carving. This rest time not only improves the meat but the beef continues to cook.

    The inside will be pink but you have plenty of outside meat. The pink stuff you slice the next day and warm through in a frying pan possibly in gravy for the second meal.

    Personally I prefer 15mins / lb + 15 mins giving me 45 minutes. The 30 minutes rest time is still essential.

  • Slug Slipper

    When I cook beef, I add water, cover with foil and cook it very slowly, maybe as much as 4 hrs. It melts in the mouth.

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