i am a new vegan and trying not to eat or drink anything that uses bone char. does Ocean Spray use bone char?


  • freeyourself1anarchist

    I know some of their juices are filtered through gelatin and use cochineal as coloring (which is a beetle) I believe they use bone char as well or at least did but the other stuff they use is plenty non vegan.
    Plus much of their products are not really juices and more HFCS and other junk.

    Also be on the look out for vitamin D3 it can never be vegan under any circumstances. However D2 is just fine and dandy.

    Find a juice that is just juice and you should be fine.

  • amhappy1

    I noticed you’re asking from the UK. You would have to contact the company to be sure, but the bone char sugar thing is mainly a problem in North America.

  • onlymatch4u

    Not sure if they do, but bone char reduces the fluoride from the water and they may do it for that. There is far more to worry about how they sanitize using pasteurization, radiation, etc. than whether they use bone char or not. These fruit drinks are terrible and they will dehydrate you as well.

    good luck

  • Tom ツ

    Ocean Spray doesn’t grow or process sugar. They get their sugar and sweeteners from a sugar manufacturer.

  • Hecho

    Ocean spray doesn’t contain sugar. It contains high fructose corn syrup. You don’t have to worry about bone char, but all in all Ocean Spray is not a healthy choice for a beverage.

    High fructose corn syrup doesn’t come from white sugar. That is ludicrous. It comes from corn.

  • No Chance Without Vintage Barbie

    Some of Ocean Spray’s juices are filtered through bovine gelatin.

  • exsft

    Such technical or manufacturing questions are better directed to the manufacturer itself.

    OceanSpray does not use white (bone char bleached) sugar in its drinks. But as some posters mentioned, there might be other other processes followed /ingredients contained in their product that might be against the "vegan rules".

  • Sweetness, where do you think HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP comes from????

    ALL white sugar becomes white thru the use of bone char.

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