Does anyone believe in Colon Cleansing?

I know a little bit about colon cleansing and the facts on colon cleansing and what it does to improve your health, but has anyone ever done a colon cleanse and if so, what is best product and most affordable one out there that works? I am just curious to if a clogged colon is responsible for all sorts of problems like foggy memory, lack of energy, irregular bowels and not having a bowel movement everyday, lack of concentration, mood swings, as well as a pop belly when you aren’t exactly that much overweight. Those symptoms represent me and I was wondering if doing a colon cleanse regimen would make me feel like a whole new person and give me energy and strength to go work out in a gym and build up my muscles. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • maxmom

    It couldn’t hurt. In my opinion, having a clogged colon can cause all sorts of health problems.

    Regardless, start working out anyway. Physical exercise will help you feel better.

  • Colon cleanse will make you feel better and might regulate your bowel movements, but I don’t think it will help with your other problems. Those symptoms sound like a hormonal imbalance, either insulin or thyroid. I would have those checked. Nature’s Sunshine has some good cleansing products.

  • special s

    I’m too scared to even try it…

  • united9198

    The human body has worked just fine for thousands of years without colon cleansing. The people who sell them are able to make up anything they want since it is totally unregulated.

    One look in your colon and you would quickly see that it is very effective at keeping itself clean. A normal one looks like the inside of your mouth.

  • Mr. Fitness

    I know some people lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks with the help offered on this site.

  • elephant

    yeah i know some ppl who do it annually and i tihnk its good because i have apretty high fiber diet and i feel wonderful. i would do it

  • curmudgeon

    ridiculous concept. just think about it.

  • plumsweet

    Yup, 12lbs of excess waste can be found in the colon. If your not into the whol colonic thing i would suggest a natural cleaners. You feel better with all that poison/waste out of your system. I lost 5 lbs using,

    Ive also used this product to clean my entire system out. I felt amazing after.

  • yes i belive in colon cleansings and i
    get four colonics every year,as well i
    take plain warm water enemas every
    month,and been doing this for years and
    have for many years, i have never had
    colds flu or been constipated,a healthy
    colon is a happy colon

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