can colon cancer be treated?

I’m sixteen, and the doctors think i might have colon cancer. I’m going in for a colonoscopy in one week. I want to know what people know about colon cancer. so please help. 🙂 thanks.


  • Ha Neul

    It depends on the stages of the colon cancer and the patient’s general health.

    Like if you happen to have an early stage colon cancer meaning your cancer is small, then the doctor may be able to remove it during a colonoscopy. If the pathologist determines that the cancer in the polyp doesn’t involve the base (where the polyp is attached to the bowel wall) then there’s a good chance that the cancer has been completely eliminated.

    The larger polyps can be removed by using laporoscopic surgery. This surgery is where the surgeon performs the operation through several small incisions in your abdominal wall, inserting instruments with attached cameras that display your colon on a video monitor.

    Or if the cancer is invasive meaning its grown into or through your colons, then the surgeon could recommend a colectomy to remove the part of your colon that contains the cancer, along with a margin of normal tissue on either side of the cancer. Nearby lymph nodes are usually also removed and tested for cancer.

    Then if you have an advanced colon cancer or your health is poor, then they may recommend you for the palliative surgery where the goal isn’t to cure, but to relieve the pains and symptoms.

    There’s also chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and targeted drug therapy for treatments.

    For more information, you could click on the link below I provided.

  • iceman

    Um.. you’re 16 and your docs think you have colon cancer?

    1. Its virtually unheard of at your age.

    2. Doctors would not scare a young girl into thinking she might have cancer until all the tests were atually done.

    I would be beyond suprised if you do have it. As far as if it is curable–yes it is. At early stages it curable in 90% or more of cases. Once it spreads, the survival rates drop.

  • Nevada Smith

    I doubt that you have it at your age as well but if you have problems already at your age then you could be at a much higher rate of getting colon cancer down the road.

    Poor diet is the single biggest cause of colon cancer.

    Read what it says at the Colon Cancer Foundation’s website here:

    Also from Dr. Fuhrman:

    I once suffered from diverticulosis. The doctors will tell you that there is no cure. Well, after I started eating the way that Dr. Fuhrman recommends, I no longer have a problem. I use to pass blood for 10 days whenever I ate popcorn or strawberries and other such foods but not anymore. I can eat those foods now with no problem because I eat a nutritarian diet.

    If you have an impacted colon [not able to go for days] don’t let them operate and remove your bowel. there are other things you can do.

  • To iceman.
    Anyone at any age can get cancer. Just because she is young doesnt mean its impossible. You obviously have NO clue. I know of two people who got colon cancer. One girl who was 19 when diagnosed but was actually living with it for years without realising. She was the first ever in her family to get it. Also a boy who was 15 when diagnosed. He was also the first ever to get it.

    Im not trying to scare you, but I am saying it is possible. It might be quite rare but it is possible. It’s great that you’re getting a colonoscopy as most of the time they can eliminate it whilst doing the procedure.

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