What's a good diet for a colon cancer patient?

Can you give me some foods that help fight colon cancer and some foods we should avoid.


  • jeanie

    All of this advice depends on the person’s health status. For example, does he/she have trouble eating, are they undergoing treatment of any kind that can cause certain side effects and affect the way they eat, are they physically active (THEY SHOULD BE), etc. Visit this site


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  • Carol

    foods to avoid is pop corn. and a lot of red meat
    corn, too much dairy a little should be ok but too
    much can cause stomach cramps.

    Foods to eat:
    High fiber whole wheat bread or pasta.
    Lots of veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, beans of
    all types. I also recommend potato soup or mash potatoes
    also carrots or carrot soup . For protein I recommend
    chicken, or fish also smooth peanut butter the whole
    peanuts can irritate your colon.

    Also try juicing with veggies as well as fruit

    I have had to live with this diet so long. But it does no
    have to bland food. (curried carrot soup- look up on food network
    made by rachael ray.) Or Potato soup There are a ton of
    them I substitute the milk for soy milk it does not irritate
    the stomach as much.
    Have fun cooking or eating out.
    Enjoy Life.

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