What is a good natural way to treat eczema?

My 17 month old son has a bad case of eczema, we are currently using hydrocortozone cream along with other cream to help. They are helping a little, but when I look and see his poor body all red and dry it hurt me and I would like to do more to help. We saw the doctor and they said use the hydro- cream and cut out alot of bath. If you have any other suggestions or natural health cures for eczema please let me know. Thank you


  • koifox_104

    Aww poor baby. Eczema sucks!

    Try Aveeno’s line, I believe they have baby products as well. It’s more natural than other products, and it’s very soothing and moisturizing. They make bath products, lotions, everything.

    Did you ask the Dr. about foods he is eating? Certain foods flare up my Eczema. Oh, and if you live in a colder climate and the heat is on right now, get him a humidifier. The dry hot air makes me dry and itchy.

    Good luck.. poor sweetie!

  • sporregar

    Chickweed might help him. Not sure how to get a 17 month old to take it though.

  • Anita A

    I went to a heaths herbal store and i got sulphur pills and its says for eczema. I have its also on top of hands and on my lower arm but mine is very mild. Try sulphur pills and give it time.

  • barneycrisp

    There are few helpful tips and a great anti-eczeama cream (herbal) found here: http://www.champori.com/eczema-relief.asp

  • healthwise357

    first of all, the use of an all natural skin care moisturizer will be very helpful. have a talk with a skin care expert about recommended products. if you want to avoid skin from scarring better try to avoid scratching the skin for a break in the skin can cause secondary skin infections. stop eczema itching by getting the skin moisturized. and you better keep fingernails short for you might forget sometimes that you have accidentally scratch it. remember that a break in the skin can cause a secondary infection.

    try also avoiding a lot of things that can trigger eczema like:

    – avoid perfumed skin care and body care products
    – avoid extreme hot and cold weather conditions
    – avoid keeping fingernails long
    – avoid scratching the affected area
    – avoid long baths
    – avoid processed foods and foods with preservatives
    – avoid skin irritants and allergens like dusts and pollens
    – avoid clothes and material that are rough, course, scratchy and tight
    – avoid activities that can make you sweat
    – avoid smoking and alcohol

    try to be gentle with your skin. visit http://www.skinoriginal.com for more tips on how to rejuvenate skin.

  • sandra208822

    Use mixed oats with water and apply the mixture on affected areas, it’s good to ease
    Source : site below

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