If you ate the same Fruit or Veg more than once in the day would you still be eating 5 a day?

Say you just ate 5 apples? Or 2 apples and 3 pears? Would it still count? Or do they have to be 5 different items?


  • adamadamum

    Sadly no! It has to be a different fruit or veg each time, or juice (only 1 juice portion counts in a day).

    I usually manage it most days by having juice with or a while after breakfast, one veg and one fruit with lunch, two different veg or one plus a different fruit with dinner.

    Think about it like that and it’s not that hard (in theory anyway). Also there are so many different juices available, obviously you don’t have to stick with good old OJ, Red grape juice is full of antioxidants for instance, and delicious. I try to have a juice of a fruit I am not going to eat that day for variety.

    Remember tinned veg count and tinned tomatoes are great in all kinds of things

    Of course if you drink spirits you could always have a juice with your vodka or something – but obviously not with breakfast!!

  • It has to be 5 different types of fruit or veg

  • deltagremlin

    5 portions a day & 2 points.

  • blackstripedtulip

    yes because it is still 5 pieces of fruit!!

  • i know that if you drink juice it only counts as 1 no matter how many glasses you drink in a day. i think it needs to be 5 different fruit and veg, and i know that you should aim for a variety of colours

  • untanuta

    ummmm not really and you can’t count a terrys chocolate orange in that either!

  • Aslan, reborn

    I think the rule is 5 portions of ‘different’ items – variety is the spice of life!

  • Spence

    You have to eat 5 different fruit/veg. But also remember a glass of apple/orange/cranberry/carrot/etc juice also counts as your 5 a day. As does a handful of dried fruit (e.g apricots, raisens, sultanas). Basically a portion is regared as one fruit or veg, regardless of how much you eat. Also ideally you should be aiming to eat a variety of different fruit and veg each day. That is, it is recommeneded that you don’t eat the same fruit/veg every single day. But if you have favourites there is nothing wrong with eating them all the time. It is better to eat the same 5 fruit and veg everyday as opposed to none at all!

  • maskedmarada2000

    they recommend 5 PORTIONS of fruit anf veg a day. They didn’t say that it has to be different although it is prefable (plus it is a bit boring eating the same sort of fruit or veg several times a day).

  • wendy j

    it does not matter if they are all fruit or all vefg or a mixture of both so long as you have the five portions.

  • duhh. yeah! a serving is a serving… 5 apples/1apple per serving = 5 servings. got it? maybe your eating to much friut, got ya a little fruity?
    just kidding!!

  • five portions of different fruit & vegetables. better to have different coloured ones too.

    one glass of orange juice counts as one portion but you can’t drink the whole carton & call that your five portions a day. it’s still only one.


    Sorry don’t think it works like that, Each has a different range of vitamins, minerals etc. Go on be adventurous and try different ones each day.

  • Well, it would be more nutritious if you have a multifarious diet.
    But when I have a big salad with 2 servings of lettuce, I tend to count it.

  • sathesh n


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