Discharged for underactive thyroid?

My husband was recently diagnosed with an underactive thyroid which explains all his symptoms of lethargy, depression, sleep walking etc. Can he get discharged from the air force for this? The doc says it’s not bad enough "yet" to put him on meds, but obviously it’s bad if it’s causing him all these symptoms. What do you think?
She is a military doctor. She didn’t tell us his levels, just that they were low. He has been to a phsychiatrist and they don’t really say anything either. I know it doesn’t "make" someone cut themself but it could make him depressed enough to try it. I am just really concerned and the doc won’t do anything.

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  • civys

    I am a emergency mental health counselor and while under active thyroid can cause some of those symptoms it is not an acute problem meaning it shouldn’t cause those types of symptoms or a "thyroid storm" that would bring on those type of mental health symptoms like hyperthyroidism would. I have never heard of hypothyroidism causing someone cut them self although it can make someone lethargic and can contribute to depression. I often see people with depression who also have a thyroid condition.
    Is this a ship doctor? At a military treatment facility? What are his thyroid levels at? The levels he tests at with his blood work should alone be an indicator of how serious his condition is. If this is the ship doctor or one at a MTF I would demand a referral to an endocrinologist or someone who is willing to consider prescribing meds. Secondly, he needs to see a psychiatrist also for a full evaluation. This sounds like a two fold problem.
    My husband is active duty and was having chest pains and he kept going to medical and they told him "were busy" and "if it was really a problem you would be dead already" and refused to even exam him. I told his command I was going to contact our local congressman and he had a full medical work up the next day. My dad who was in the USMC for 22 yrs told me too do that because we were all concerned about his symptoms.

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