cure for thyroid naturally?

i want a cure that can help with thyroid
that is naturally


  • My mom went to see a "hollistic" doctor. He did a cleansing diet where it was one week only fruits, another only vegetables, ect. It was supposed to naturally jump start your thyroid.

    I would do a google search on alternative or hollistic medicine in your local area.

    However, if it is a serious thyroid condition like hypo- or hyper-thyroidism, you definately need medication for that. There is no cure other than hormone replacement. My sister has that. What I told you was mostly for jumpstarting your metabolism.

  • If you have an underfunctioning thyroid (hypothyroidism), in the past, endocrinologists have used dessicated thyroid gland. This is the actual thyroid gland, dissected out of pigs, dried and crushed into powder for therapeutic use.

    The danger with using a ‘natural’ product such as this is that the dosing is fairly unreliable. If you overdose on thyroid hormone, you could cause several health problems including heart problems, anxiety, weight loss, osteoporosis, to name a few.

    Generally most endocrinologists and patients prefer seem to prefer synthetic thyroid hormone because then at least you know what’s in the pill.

    I am unaware of ‘natural’ treatment for hyperthyroidism, and would recommend you show any prescriptions you take to a qualified medical professional before trying anything risky.

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