What medical condition does Kenneth Briggs aka "bush baby" have?

Kenneth Briggs was the American Idol contestant who was told he looked like a bush baby. His bulging eyes must be due to a medical condition. Perhaps thyroid related? Does anyone know?

Answer from Kathy

The bulging eyes are usually symptomatic  of a thyroid condition know as hyperthyroidism which means the body is secreting too much of the hormone thyroxine. I read  somewhere that he had Graves Disease which is when your immune system creates antibodies known as thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulins. These antibodies then attach to healthy thyroid cells. They can cause your thyroid to create too much thyroid hormone.

One of the symptoms of Graves Disease is where the eyeballs may appear enlarged because the eyelids have shrunk.


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  • cowogo

    I am a huge fan of this kid. One of the most entertaining auditions I’ve seen. Yes, Grave’s disease (a thyroid condition) can cause "bulging" of the eyes. Although, it was reported by a local news station by Kenneth’s grandmother that he has Aarskog syndrome which results in short stature and facial abnormalities. It is a X-linked syndrome so primarily occurs in males.

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