pockets on my colon?

my doctor told me that a catscan showed i had pockets on my colon that right now are harmless, but later in life it may develop into something? has anyone else been told this or have this? and what did you use for pain. only serious answere please~thanks


  • bflogal77

    I have diverticulosis, and have had so for years. I have actually developed more recently. THe best thing I can tell you is to avoid things such as nuts, popcorn, corn, anything with seeds (strawberries, raspberries. When these things get caught in those little pouches in your colon, they irritate them and may cause them to close off, causing you to have diverticulitis, which is the actual inflammation of them. In rare cases these diverticula, can actually rupture and you are in a very serious state of health. This causes peritonitis and if not caught quickly, death. So…you have to take good care of yourself and avoid those things which do this. Get lots of fibre,,,,Benefiber is new and works well. Life can go on relatively smoothly if you are careful.
    These divertivcula tend to be in the sigmoid colon which is the colon down in the left groin area, but not exclusively…I have them all through the colon.

  • I think this is a possible start of diverticulitis. It can be painful, and you need to watch what you eat, in the way of seeds, etc. It might lead to a temporary colon removal, oif a portion of it. For pain, the best would be Ibuprofen. Take care.

  • Intrepyd

    It sounds like diverticulosis. Diverticulosis affects a large proportion of people, especially in later ages. They’re small outpouchings of colon. They occur more frequently in individuals with low-fiber diets, since that tends to increase the pressure inside the colon. So increase your dietary fiber. Diverticular pain can be cause for concern — see below.

    Occasionally, these outpouchings can become occluded by bowel contents, and they get infected. This is called diverticulitis, and might present with pain, fever, and constipation or diarrhea. Diverticulitis can be treated with antibiotics, but repeated episodes may signal a need for surgery, typically removing the part of the colon affected by the diverticula. If diverticulitis is not adequately treated, the diverticula may actually rupture, which can be very dangerous (and extremely painful). If you think you’re having diverticular pain, you should go to your doctor or the emergency room ASAP.

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