Paxil Ativan Thyroid?

I have a teen daugh. never sick in her life(other than normal colds). Mature for her age, upbeat, and happy with herself.
1 mo ago, she woke up vomiting, heart palps/racing, chest pain, dizzy, felt hot and was sweating despite the air conditioning, crying asking for help, was delusional.
Took her to ER, doc dx panic attack, prescribed Ativan. 2 days later same thing happened, was told she had major depression despite the fact that she told them she was not depressed or stressed about anything – asked them to chk her thyroid, since it’s in family (hyper and hypo). Doc refused, instead gave Paxil in addt’n to the Ativan, told me she has a UTI, for which he prescribed Cipro. Aft 2 wks, her symptoms were worse, she lost 5lbs, couldn’t eat w/o vomiting, asked for TSH test – doc ref. again and that night she freaked and they put her in psych ward, increased Paxil. Demanded Thyroid test again, so they did – told me TSH & T3 norm, T4 1.75, doc will redo. Will the meds affect her TSH tests?
Also, from the onset of her symptoms she hasn’t been able to sleep for 3 hours straight even w/the meds, she’s fatigued, her mind races, and had no menstruation for almost 3 mos (it did come down this month). Very irritable, and she feels worse. I’m afraid that the meds will cause false normal readings, my 16 y/o cousin (long ago) was dx’d psychotic w/major depression, on meds for 2 years for the same symptoms, and ended up comatose before they realized she was hyperthyroid, not depressed(her mother(my aunt) was hypothyroid, but they refused tests on my cousin despite her mother’s and our grandmother’s thyroid histories) I don’t want the same for my daughter – what are the "normal" ranges for thyroid (I know they’ve changed over 25 years)?

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  • Normal range now for TSH is 0.3 to 3.0, though many doctors believe t should be 0.5 to 2.0. Unfortunately some labs still have the TSH range at 0.3 to 3.0. Your daughter sunds like she is having symptoms of both hyper and hypo/ Has she been tested for thyroid antibodies? Many people who are hypothyroid suffer from Hashimoto’s meaning they have high thyroid antibodies. This could give them both symptoms of hypo and hyper at times.

    I think I’d have your daughter get retested, making sure the testing is done only in the morning (first thing) Get a TSH, Free T4, Free T3, and the two different antibody tests. If she has high antibodies thyroid medication should help to lower them. If her free t3 level is too low or too high that could explain the mood swings.

    Below is a link to a thyroid forum, where you can ask questions. Goodl luck.

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