My husband has a Low Liibido, Help! Any Natural remedies?

Hi, I am 24yo woman with a 35 yo husband. Prob is he isn’t horny, almost never. If I didn’t try raping him once in a while, he’d be happy with once a month. This is making me crazy because I have the libido of a 14 yo boy. we’ve been together 5 years, but now it is getting WORSE> I don’t want to cheat on him, or break up with, but this is a BIG deal to me. He has a good size, sex is very short but good when we do have it. He isn’t cheating, he feels like a complete loser for not being able to satisfy me! I want it 4 times a day, he wants it once a month. Any remedies to make us very happy??? (oh, I dont think he is willing to go to the doc, so viagra is out, although if I got it, I could spike his food! 🙂 )
He can achieve an erection, if he is in the mood. But about 1 min 30 sec after penetration, he either cums, or if he fights off early ejac, the it goes soft for good, and I won’t see it for a few more weeks. This is starting alot of fights, and I feel bad because I know it isn’t his fault. But I’m starting to hump chairs now, just SOOOOO sexually frustrated!
he hates it when I rape him. Its always pity sex…. which is just sad. After 5 years we have talked it to death, but he isn’t ready to go to the doc, says he’ll find something natural…. yeah…. I’m still waiting

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  • Joachin Murietta

    If he is only 35, a low libido could indicate a low testosterone level which could be due to many factors. He really should go to a Dr. and get checked out and I can’t understand why he doesn’t want to go. Just so you know, the use of Viagra or some similar drug requires sexual arousal, so if he isn’t interested, Viagra won’t work. There is one thing which might help though and that is DHEA – it is a hormone called Dihydroepiandrosterone that the body produces naturally and is a precouser to the male hormone testosterone. It is a perfectly legal substance that is sold in health food stores as a food supplement and is not very expensive. It is worth a try and wouldn’t require a Dr. visit. I take up to 100 mg/day and I have the libido of a goat (I’m in my 50’s) I could go 3X/day if my wife would cooperate. Good Luck

  • Bippetyboppetyboo

    hmmmm you should look up home remedies, if nothing then he should go to his Dr.

  • BaconBits

    i will satisfy your needs 🙂 i would suggest divorce

  • Melanie

    I have a similar problem so I’d be interested if you found anything to spike his food with 🙂

    Have you talked to him? If it’s not medical, then it could be some emotional thing that’s keeping him from wanting to get it on. Stress can greatly affect the libido of men, so has he been stressed lately or started a new job, etc..
    Try talking to him and letting him know what your needs are and maybe you can come to a compromise. Heck, once a week is better than once a month right?
    I’m sure you have already, but just in case, have you tried sexy lingerie, new stuff etc.. maybe he just needs to help to get excited.

  • I take Viagra and let me tell you,it turns thing around.
    It will cuase a physical reaction that is hard to ignore.He should be willing to take it for your sake and the marriage.

  • Boboy L

    Notice how he likes it when you’re raping him? You should try out different things with your hubby . Try doing it in open air, on a car,etc. Surprises can do wonders especially in sex.
    Oh and if this still doesnt make him more aggressive, he must be nuts. Try to contact me then , i might be able to help you…

  • TomCruise

    Surprise him with a blow jobb, I’m sure it will get him in the mood.

  • ButtahChick (ButterChick)

    Oh luv! I feel for you! It’s actually sad to hear a 35 year old male with such sex problems… I feel lucky now about my own husband who is also 35 but doesn’t have any such trouble!

    I would have suggested that simple desire is the best aphrodisoac for anyone but after reading your details, I realise the problem may be deeper than simple lack of libido. Since I don’t have such troubles myself (lucky me!), I will refer to answers from my husband, Butterman:

    This info comes from my BF’s database:

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    Ginseng Y

    ohimbe bark

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  • allison w

    Dark chocolate has been recently proven to enhance sexual drive and performance, believe it or not!! Try it and see what happens!

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