is it bad to only eat one meal a day?

I eat one meal a day.
Usally sandwiches or tacos plus a snack
early in the day,
Then i starve till the next day.
Is that bad?
I.should have mentioned why.
I get sick from everything.
Im only.21
So i dont eat anything ;-(
It sucks right


  • yes. the release gastric juice should be quite regular nor it will become ineffective soon and you will have too go through surgeries which are not always successfull and your kindney and pancreas will also get affected adversely

  • Yes, if you are doing this intentionally I would seek help for it. Good luck and stay strong

  • Mohamed

    Yes very bad!!!!! You can eat alot of meals a day and be healthy, you just got to watch out What you eat and how you eat. Eat around 4 small meals a day

  • Niebla

    too bad. you r killing your stomach (gastritis and ulcer)
    killing your pancreas and liver.
    u r eating youself.

    no matter the reason, that wont help.

  • Aanisah


  • ChemoAngel

    Yes, It is very bad. You are denying your body nutritious meals.

  • poinee

    not if you’e consuming enough calories and is dense with required macro and micro nutrients.

  • well I had read a website call the one one meal a day warrior c and its suppose to get to ripped faster but I couldn’t do that so I aleast perfer to eat 2 to 3 meals a days.

  • Why are you only eating one meal per day?
    Why are you starving yourself?

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