Is frequent constipation bad for your health?

I am almost always constipated, and I don’t take dumps everyday. I’ve been like that since I was born? Will I get colon/other health problems in the future?


  • swtirishrose04

    Not having a bowel movement everyday is not necessarily constipation. However if you have to strain, get uncomfortable or have hard dry stools then it is constipation. Your digestive system uses enzymes to break down food and keep what the body needs and the rest along with by products of body functions are eliminated in the stool. So yes, chronic constipation traps ammonia and other things in your body that aren’t good for it. Further, straining to go can cause hemorrhoids. The bowel isn’t designed to store this product. Drinking lots of water and adding bulk to your diet can help.

  • yummylibran

    yes Absolutely !

    you need to increase your fluid and fibre intake.

  • su_france2003

    Constipation – defined as infrequent, incomplete and/or difficult evacuation of the bowels – is a prime cause of intestinal auto-intoxication, which is a factor in or the root of most illness. Habitual constipation in the long term enormously increases the risk colon cancer.
    Consult the colon health network and Cure Zone "Bowel Cleanse" sites for more details.

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