Is 119 cholesterol level too low?

I’m on Mevacor and it has brought my cholesterol down to 119. Is there a problem when the cholesterol level is this low?


  • If you mean total cholesterol the normal limits are between 100-199 Mg’s.

    If you mean HDL (healthy or good cholesterol) any number above 59 Mg’s is considered normal.

    If you mean LDL (Bad cholesterol) normal limits are 0-99 Mg’s.

    You seem fine but any questions related to this in the future should be directed to your health care professional

  • kelby7670


    I believe anything under 200 is dangerously low. You body needs cholesterol for many many reasons. Don’t believe the cholesterol myth.

    Mine is 329 and I am pleased with it.

  • LisaNelsonRD

    Hi Millie,

    I just answered this question for some other individuals. You can read the answer here –

    Scroll down to the title – Can Cholesterol Ever Be Too Low?

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    Lisa Nelson RD

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