Colon cleanse for worms?

I think I got worms from my cat so Im thinking about doing a colon cleanse first to see if that will eliminate them . Are colon cleanses painful ?

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  • Sybil

    If you suspect that you got them from your cat, deffinately do something about it. Call your vet and ask what s/he recommends. They really know what works. Another thing that you can do is fast for 2 days drinking only plain water and herb tea and maybe a natural sports drink with electrolites. On the morning of the second day take 15 garlic and parsley tablets per 50lbs of your weight (unless you are allergic to garlic or sulpher). This works well for children too.

    I used to live in Guatemala and I went to the 7th Day Adventist Clinic for worm treatment. I have to give them kudos for being far and ahead of modern medicine is recognizing this health problem and knowing how to treat it, so I also recommend consulting them. Good Luck. You are very smart to notice that this could be a health problem.

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