is it true that cocoa has more caffeine in it then coffee?

someone recently swore to me, hand on heart that cocoa has more caffeine in it then coffee. Personally i think i can tell the difference and that coffee is definitely the stronger of the 2. plus my little sisters drink cocoa regularily and i’m wondering how good it is for them if it is true. please help me!


  • Is not true at all, Tea has caffeine, Coca is pure Juice…it depends if maybe they add it, but naturally…not at all…

  • BillyB8

    Chocolate drinks – 30 to 60 mg
    Instant coffee – 60 to 100 mg
    Drip or percolated coffee – 100 to 150 mg
    Espresso coffees – e.g. espresso, latte – 90 to 200 mg
    Cola drinks – 35 mg
    Decaffeinated coffee – around 3 mg
    Tea – 30 to 100 mg, depending on the type and strength of the brew
    Energy or sports drinks – e.g. Red Bull, V – 80 to 90 mg
    Dark chocolate bar – 40 to 50 mg per 55 gram serve
    Guarana – can contain up to 100 mg per 1 gram of guarana
    Caffeine tablets – e.g. No-Doz – 100 mg per tablet.

  • bandyt

    coffee has more then cocoa.
    I drink coffee alot but I also try to drink a lot of water to counteract the effects of the caffeine in the coffee.
    cocoa has some caffeine in it but not as much as coffee or espresso. they have lots in them.

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