i want to get a tattoo representing thyroid but i dont know what to get?

ive had thyroid problems for a very long time now and i take synthroid pills everyday. i was thinking about getting a tattoo that represented thyroid but all i could find was the purple ribbon for thyroid cancer which i dont or havent had. I dont know what i could get instead…help?


  • Teresa J

    I guess I’m missing your point. Does a thyroid condition now warrent a tattoo? If it does, maybe I should tell my mom. She’s been on Synthroid 45 years and forgot to get her tattoo.


  • Temari

    Well, at least you don’t have IBS.

    The thyroid has a sort of butterfly shape to it. Or you could do a little bow tie. Then when people ask about it, you can explain away 🙂 Good luck with that!

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