Home remedies for men’s acne?

my boyfriend is 17 and has a problem w/ acne. it bothers him(not me.) what is a cheap yet effective way to clear up his face. such as home remedies or something like it. thank you.

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  • Mary J

    Home remedies for the treatment of acne
    Two very good acne treatments you can do at home: Take the pulp from ripe tomatoes and apply it your skin. Let it sit there for an hour and a half and then wash off.

    Mix lemon juice and tomatoe pulp and apply to clean skin till dry then rinse with cool water.

    Boiled milk and fresh lime juice can be used to wash your face. Lime is a natural cleanser used in many soaps and milk will help to add many nutrients to your skin and help to prevent the skin from drying out excessively. Take a whole food supplement like a green drink. Green drinks can be found at most health food stores and even at supermarkets. They have an alkalizing effect on your body which help to reduce internal toxicity which in turn can help to reduce your acne.

    Take fenugreek leaves and make a fine paste out of it and then apply it to your entire face. This will help with healing some of your existing acne eruptions and will also help with stopping new acne and blackheads. Take some fresh garlic and rub it around the affected areas. This helps to get rid or your current acne but you need to be consistent and do it regularly for at least a few weeks.


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