Where do health and wellness practitioners work?

Where do health and wellness practitioners work? In clinics? Do they just speak to people? Do they have clients that they teach to be more healthy? I can’t find a good website about what they exactly do!


  • Cindy P

    They can work in any holistic health office. In the area I’m from (Los Angeles area) most will train for a specific specialty such as herbs, colon therapy, lymphatic drainage, etc. These specialties help one build a clientele since in this economy not many people want to pay to be talked to and when so much info can be easily found through books and such. Then many will rent office space – usually a room – in a larger office where there is already client traffic. This is the normal starting course as in this area there are a lot of people, a lot of practitioners, but not a lot of places that "hire" for that type of work.

    In my case, I started out as a Nutritional Counselor, then trained for massage therapy and then colon therapy. I started out as a receptionist in an office while I was studying and getting my training in these areas. I worked in an office for a couple years as a therapist doing colonics, lymphatic drainage and reflexology. Then I rented a room in an office and built my own clientele then eventually I had my own office where I mainly taught people about colon and body cleansing (which turned out to be my specialty). I sold that and now have an on-line business.

    Once you start training, you will find your area that you are most interested in – your area of expertise. I gave you a couple links that might tell you a little more about using this type of education. Good Luck.

  • Vidya

    Health and wellness practitioners work at different hospitals and clinics.

  • Micha

    They should be working at municipalities with health care centers. Rural areas should be given special attention for they need health and wellness practitioners.

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