Is a healthy Colon important to you?

Here’s a heath tip…..Adding cauliflower florets to your weekly diet may give you an extra measure of colon protection. Research has shown that a natural compound found in cauliflower may inhibit the propagation of cancer cells in the colon. Be sure to skip the cheese sauce with the cauliflower, because it is loaded with saturated fats. Instead, steam the cauliflower and spice it up with olive oil and lemon or use low-fat yogurt for dipping raw cauliflower ….do you have any health tips I might not know but should?

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  • jdydewing

    I have a colon disease so yes it is very important to me. I have something called diverticulitis and it’s very pain full, so my tip to you would be never let yourself be constipated, eat plenty of fiber, and stay away from eating to many little seeds. This condition is incurable without surgery. The colon should be important to everyone I wish I would have known sooner.

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