GERD,,acid reflux natural or home remedies please?

also over the counter remedies…


  • I have found many home remedies and OTC meds tht help acid reflux! Ok yah I’m only 17 and I have gotten sick and tired of having horrible acid reflux all the time! So here’s what I do:
    Stop eating foods that are greasy i.e. french fries, most fast food, and other greasy foods, u know what they are.
    Stop eating highly acidic foods i.e. spaghetti sauce, chili, ketchup, vineragy foods, certain salad dressing, tomato soup, and a whole lot more. esp. SPICY FOODS!!!!!
    Stop drinking a lot of coffee and milk, caffiene is bad for acid reflux and when u get an episode, avoid milk because it is an acid!
    This will not only prevent acid reflux and give your stomach a break, but it will help your overall health, too!
    Also, when your are hungry, eat a couple crackers or something light during off-meal times, a piece of toast works well, too. Crackers and bread do a good job of absorbing gastric juices in your stomach.
    Home remedies I’ve used are very simple and easy and you’ll be surprised at this!
    Chewing minty gum- perferrably peppermint, that supposedly soothes your stomach.
    Drink water or stomach-soothing herbal tea, again peppermint flavored tea works best, they sell this at the store, I would know, I am a "tea-o-holic."
    Also, eating crackers, things I’ve mentioned before, helps a lot!
    Avoid salty foods, too, for some reason, chips, especially Doritos give me bad acid reflux.
    OTC meds you can buy and that I recommend are Pepcid and Pepto Bismol. Others don’t work well for me, like Tums, don’t work at all. But any OTC generic or brand name antacid should work. Nexium is also good for acid reflex and GERD, but I believe you need a prescription for that.
    If you know you are going to eat food your stomach doesn’t like, take an antacid pill about an hour of half-hour before you eat it. Sometimes I take it right before and it worked, like tonight I ate pasta with sauce and I’m not sick!
    Follow these guidelines and you should be fine! Please let me know if it went away!

  • bi guurrll14=)

    get it checked out ma bro haz dhat DONT eat any spicy foods! and dont eat very much dairy!

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