Can some plants synthesize cholesterol?

I have always been told that cholesterol can only be synthesized inside the tissues of animals, but recently I came a across an article that made the claim that certain plants produce cholesterol and that all the text books should be revised to show this. Is this a factual claim concerning the presence of plant based cholesterol? Please name your source.


  • h2so4@MOZHIARASU

    Cholesterol is the principal sterol synthesized by animals, but small quantities are synthesized in other eukaryotes, such as plants and fungi. It is almost completely absent among prokaryotes, which include bacteria

  • Mariyam Khan

    Cholesterol is a lipid that is present in the cell membranes of all animal tissues. Scientists also consider it as sterol, a combination of steroid and alcohol. Eukaryotes synthesize cholesterol in the cells of the body, Hence, small amount of cholesterol is also present in membranes of plants and fungi.

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  • Shoshanna

    there are some close cousins produced – but not cholesterol

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