Was Tim Russert on Cholesterol medication ?

It is sad to see Tim Russert pass away at such a young age. I read online:

NBC said Dr. Michael Newman, Russert’s physician, determined that cholesterol plaque ruptured in an artery, causing blood flow to the heart to be blocked by a clot.

I wonder, if Tim was on Cholesterol medication or not…. Reason why I ask is .. I am trying to find out if cholesterol medication even helps prevent such heart attacks or not. If it does not, given all the noise about the negative side effects of cholesterol medication, I wonder if it is worth taking any cholesterol medication at all!


  • No clue as to if Russert was on cholesterol meds, but he probably was as is nearly everyone past the age of 50!!

    You turn golden and the doctors think it iis heyday of how to pluck goose whether he is golden or not.

    I took cholesterol meds for about 5 years, but my cholesterol numbers didn’t budge. I quit paying for the junk. Now on a fairly high saturated fat food plan, my cholesterol numbers are in line and so is my blood pressure!

    I think all the medicos who push the cholesterol and hypertension junk meds are getting a kickback from the pharma companies who need to recoup from failure testing on these things.

  • SBflyer99

    No one knows at this point. Maybe the doctor will release more details. To answer your other question, some cholestrol meds can reduce blood cholesterol levels but are less effective at reducing plaque that’s already formed.

  • iheartllondon

    It’s best to talk to your own doctor. Getting medical advice from people’s "opinions" is the absolute worst thing a person could do. You could end up following some bad avice.

    Talk to your doctor, and if that doctor doesn’t give you an answer you think you can trust, change doctors. That’s what I do. You have to be proactive about your own health these days because unfortunately our healthcare system is a "business" and not there to help people.

    take care.


    Sue: I think you mean unsaturated fat. As in fatty fish oils, nuts, soy, etc. And "over 50" does not necessarily mean high LDL. In fact, if one habitually practices a healthy lifestyle (regular, vigorous exercise, healthy diet, non smoker, minimal/no alcohol) one can be healthy well north of 40 and, yes, well north of 50. And with an empty "medicine cabinet". (Except maybe for a first aid kit.)

  • Annie M

    There is some areas of controversy over cholesterol and heart disease. Statins, which are drugs that are used to treat high cholesterol, deplete your body of coenzyme Q10. In the elderly, people with normal levels of cholesterol have a shorter life span than people with high levels of cholesterol, which is not what you would expect with what conventional medicine preaches. And, people with low levels of coenzyme Q10 are much more likely to have a heart attack. I would definitely stay away from statins.

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