thyroid problem?

has anyone gained weight and found that it was a thyroid problem and when you got it under control . lost your weight


  • I gained over 50 pounds from hypothyroidism. I knew I had a problem because I wasn’t eating a lot and I was walking about 10-15 miles every week. The first test didn’t show the condition because I did not know that a TSH test should only be done in the morning. The second test finally diagnosed the condition.

    I have lost some of the weight……about half of it. It took getting on the right medication, switching doctors a few times, getting at the right free t4 and free t3 levels, increasing my exercise, stopping drinking all soda, and finally getting diagnosed with insulin resistance. Quite often the weight gain from the underactive thyroid gland causes insulin resistance. This now means the person has two conditions making it difficult for weight loss.

    If you test…do do first thing in the morning. If the doctor will do more than a TSH, get a free t4, free t3 and an antibody test as well. Find out the numbers, as that can gve you a clue to whether the thyroid gland is slowing down. Some doctors believe a TSH over 2.0 is causing changes in the body. AACE recommends treatment at a TSH of 3.0 or over, where labs still have the range at 5.5.

  • Old enough to know

    It can have somthing to do with thyroid, you need to have a small test done from doctor to find out for sure.

  • medcenman

    a thyroid problem that causes weight gain has more signs as well. if your problem is weight, then thyroid may not be the cause of it.

  • Katie A

    I’ve heard that you can lose a little bit at the time if you have your problem under control,but i have no personal experience with this,good luck

  • petloverlady

    if it is truely thyroid they give you meds that get it evened out and under control and than you can lose the extra weight once the gland is working correctly. Do not miss the meds and take them at the same time each day and when taking any over the counter meds while on thyroid meds please check with your doctor because they can interfere with the medicine. they may have to be spaced a couple hours apart

  • I have had hypothyroidism for 14 years. When first diagnosed, i weighed 30 pounds more than i do now but I am still 50 pounds overweight. Dr. told me I would not lose the weight just by taking the thyroid medicine and I have found this to be true. There is an array of other symptoms like hair loss, brittle nails, dry skin, always cold, depression, lethargy, sleepiness. If in question, have a test is well worth it if it is.

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