I'm quite sick today, can I have some sympathy please? *cough* *cough*?

been ill for a dam week, and all the docs can say its winter aggrevating my ‘light asthma’….

So I’m breathing through a straw, so to speak, and I wake up in a pool of sweat, and I’ve quite a headache.

Shall I just end it all now, lol?
James: eh?


  • I find a facial suna or a bowl of hot water and a towel over my head helps. Plus lots of fresh orange juice, a few pain killers, and some honey and lemon. Just pamper yourself for a day or so. I hope you feel better soon.:-)

  • roseinbloom2

    or you could get your duvet, get junk food and sit in front of the telly all day – the ultimate cure all!

  • pinkcat_avec_glitter

    get ur ass of the computer…

    get into bed…

    and and spend the day resting….

    watch daytime tv…

    and sleep between the ad breaks ul soon feel better! x

  • The Happy (Christmas) Murcia

    No keep going,,it will pass in a week or 4,,,,

  • Miss X*mas

    awwww bless.

  • james p

    wheat grass… that awful tasting isht can cure anything…

  • iceeen

    hi paul

  • Barbie V

    heres a hug

  • Sending you some-have a duvet day!! Don’t end it yet. Think of all those Christmas pressies you will miss out on! Hope you feel better soon x

  • Poor you, I’d be straight back to bed watching Jeremy Kyle or something with lots of snacks! Still time off work/school can’t be THAT bad!

  • annie6

    you have my sympathy, pamper yourself your worth it, stay in bed snacks drink plenty and watch TV have a read, get well soon,

  • patrick690813

    Alright mate,
    Take good rest and drink much hot water to soothe you self out
    Eat well and don’t stay up,
    sure you will get well soon, don’t worry
    now switch off your computer and don’t spend too much time on Yahoo.
    Take care and good luck

  • typical bloke

  • sally wag

    I sympathise with you feel the same way!!!!


    You have my complete sympathy, feeling pretty rough myself take my advice and wrap yourself in your duvet and plonk yourself in front of the box with plenty fluids and nibblies and enjoy the crap that is daytime telly!
    hope you feel better soon!

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