How can you hide dandruff?

It’s in my scalp by my roots and it dosent fall on my shoulders and please don’t say wear a hat


  • Marilyn

    doo rags, headbands.

    have you tried apple cider vinegar rinses for dandruff? They work great, plus it makes your hair shiny and soft. Lime juice supposedly works well too. You want something acidic, dandruff shampoos are usually too alkaline and make dandruff worse

  • kurstea

    It’s not easy to hide, and I don’t recommend hiding it. Your best bet is probably to buy some dandruff shampoo. Head&Shoulders and Selsun Blue are both good brands.

  • biglorry13

    Anti-dandruff shampoo? That’s my quick fix.

  • Ayomi Chan

    why hide it when you could get rid of ittt?
    you shouldn’t hide it! use head and shoulders shampoo, reasonable price, and it works.
    but i guess for the meanwhile, just try not to scratch your scalp because dandruff will show that way.

  • Jojo Sounthone

    You should get shampoo, Head and Shoulders, it works really good, wash your hair everyday.
    If that doesn’t work then you should go to the doctor and get medicated shampoo

  • Shahin

    Wear a hat? hahahha jokes.
    Wear a wig? hahahaha jokes.

    No seriously, have you tried instead of hiding it getting rid of it? Like using lotions etc. Because there aren’t many ways to conceal dandruff.

  • Sean Lolan

    why dont you get danruff shampoo? works wonders.

  • StevenLi

    Use black seed oil…its a very powerful anti inflammatory (ie it makes redness on skin go away) and even makes acne go away if u use it consistently.

    You can buy it at any health food store. All you need to do is apply it to the area and leave it there for at least half an hour and wash it off.

    You’ll be surprised at how well it works. I was.


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