diabetes + cholesterol + hypertension .?

I discovered lately that I became diabetic (second category, sugar level 218) , also hypertension as well as cholesterol…. I am actually taking 4 times a day capsules and tablets, which makes my stomach restless. Is there only one capsule or tablet to be taken once a day to treat diabetes + cholesterol + hypertension ?


  • alt.healer

    Depending on your pressure number,try this. If it is not sky high then start aerobic exercise,soon you will lower the dose and soon you may be able to stop hypertension medicine. Cholesterol can be lowered by cutting out fatty meat, egg yolks and other high cholesterol foods. Soon you will be able to cut the dose of your cholesterol med. and by the way aerobic exercise lowers the blood sugar so you may be able to cut your diabetes medication too. Do all this under a doctors supervision.

  • Bobby

    No. The doctor will prescribe different meds for each of them. If you can find some cranberry juice concentrate where you add water to taste. That will keep your blood pressure low. raw apple cider vinegar(1 teaspoon in an 8oz glass of water a day will keep your cholesterol in check.

    There are also stuff that will help keep your diabetes in check…like essiac tea.

  • Nana Lamb

    No and I would not want to do that! I refuse to take the cholesterol lowering meds as they do not work for me. I did take them for about 5 years with no change at all in numbers.

    I cannot take the ACE or ARB meds for hypertension either. They cause me to have high potassium levels.

    Most of our insurance companies do not like the combination pills that are on the market currently. They want us to spend copay on each and every medication for their bottom line not ours and then harp on; keeping the cost down??

  • No because there are a variety of drugs for diabetes, another variety for hypertension and another variety for cholesterol and which ones you get will depend on your doctor and what he thinks will be most effective for you. If you are overweight, try to lose some weight (it often will bring down your all your numbers). Get exercise because taht also helps in bringing down your numbers. Watch the sodium and foods high in cholesterol whlle eating a good diabetes-friendly meal plan. This triade is sort of common together. And because you are diabetic, you will need to bring your hypertension and cholesterol numbers lower than "normal" because we are more at risk of heat problems and stroke because of diabetes.

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