Can I have a thyroid problem even if my bloodwork was normal?

A couple years ago a doctor wanted me to get a thyroid ultrasound but I refused one because my blood work was ok. Cut to today, I am always cold, depressed, tired, and having trouble with breathing and memory. Another doctor definitely wants an ultrasound now. I’ve gained a good amount of weight, but now I can’t even lose 1 pound no matter how much I diet and exercise. My mother suffers from a thyroid condition as well. It’s so sad but I kind of want to have a thyroid problem or SOMETHING just so I can actually be treated.

I want to go to the gym and cheer up. However, I can barely drag myself out of bed in the morning.
Why would I refused an expensive ultrasound test? Because I thought it might be medically unnessary if the blood work is ok.
Oh and I do have an enlarged thyroid or a lump or something- hence the doctor wanting an ultrasound, plus my family history. Sean G. I promise you wouldn’t make it a week suffering like I’ve been suffering.
PS My previous doc wanted me to get an ultrasound PRIOR to doing any bloodwork whatsoever. So my mom stepped in and said no, you need bloodwork first.
The more I read this the more angry I get with Sean G. I’ve gone with many undiagnosed illnesses because of people and even Doctors like him who just tell us it’s all in our heads and it’s all our fault.


  • Jessica

    Yes!!! Most doctors go by a range and if your numbers are in there specfic ranges they say your levels are "normal" But if you are having symptoms of it then obviously something is wrong. Make sure your doctor tests your TSH, FREE T3, and FREE T4 to see if you have a thyroid problem. Do you have a goiter? Is that why your doc wants an ultra sound? If you do then it is safe to assume that you do in fact have a thyroid disease especially since your mother has it.

    You are going to realize it is a struggle to feel well because you have to fight with doctors to fix your dosage of your hormone replacement pill. My best advice is to read up as much as you can and if your doctor does not help you then find a new one!

    A lot of helpful information.


    That lump is a goiter. An enlarged thyroid gland. It is important for you to get the ultrasound to see if you have any nodules on your thyroid. Nodules can be cancerous, but its very, very rare. The only way I would be worried about that is if you have had any family members with thyroid cancer before. But its normal for doctors to want to have ultrasounds on thyroid patients.

    Edit again:

    I wouldn’t let people like Sean G bother you. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. I don’t think you can know unless you experince it anyways. Just ignore him.

  • Sean G

    Not to be mean, but everyone these days seems to blame weight gain on a Thyroid problem. You have to be honest and ask yourself, do you really eat good or do you really exercise enough? Are you running or walking several miles a day? Not eating fast food or pizza or drinking several cokes a day? I would bet that your weight gain is due to over eating and not working out and nothing to do with a Thyroid. Maybe see a counselor and determine what makes you over eat and start there. Good luck.

  • I know how you feel. I was pretty sick for a year and a half and had a lot of symptoms related to thyroid. I got tested and it ended up not being that, but I felt the same way, I hoped it was thyroid so I knew what was the issue and could treat it.

    Have you had bloodwork? And it all comes back normal? If a doctor feels you need an ultrasound to be sure, I would get one. Especially since it’s the second doctor. Why are you hesitant to get one? When I was sick I was willing to do anything to diagnose what the problem was so I could move towards recovery. Good luck!

  • Maria R

    Go get a second opinion… Tell them to do a more extensive test (it does exist) for the Thyroid. There are more panels that they can test to determine if in fact you do have problems.

    There is information out there in the internet that you can research.

    A good endocronologist can listen to your concerns and ask for more testing to be done.

    Best wishes to you … Try also getting on some vitamins and minerals that help with thyroid conditions.

  • cl4nd3st1n3

    My thyroid sped up VERY slightly and made me lose 25 lbs in a month! I was also having panic attacks and cried nearly all day, every day.

    Some doctors will call a thyroid that is up or down at all "normal" if it’s within a certain range, but for some people, even that little bit is enough to cause chaos.

  • adeline_syne

    It seems that your previous doctor certainly thought it was possible that he had not learned everything necessary about your thyroid simply from the blood work. I assume you declined b/c insurance didn’t cover the ultrasound, and not because you thought you knew more than the doctor. Why would you refuse this new request for medical tests from a different doctor, when you are so desperately hoping to find out what’s wrong?

    That”s the part I don’t understand.

  • minootoo

    Get the test done any way. For your peace of mind. Should have asked the doctor. But just think! Doctor already asked you to get it done any way. So why wait and suffer?.

    Do not drag you feet. Even your mother can be kept comfortable with new drugs. New treatments are coming up on the market almost every day. Please take advantage of it for both of you.

    Please read by articles on related problems, the articles were written for other participants but it may help you too, but do as you please.
    Some Thought about treating Depression

    Talk to your doctor about it for sure. It happens in some cases, need to adjust the dosage. Or change the type, or even stop.

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    7. ———-.
    100. See what happens, please include on the list some cheerful person or the person that you like to talk to like grand ma, or grand father or a favorite aunt, Also include some goal to achieve and try to figure out how to go about achieving them.

    By the time you complete the list the depression should be over.

    This is a perfect science base on blood level of chemical call sera tone and the other…., the pills are suppose to adjust such chemical’s levels in the blood.

    Hope it was prescribed after the blood test. If not talk to the doctor, go on internet and read about the side effects, so you can talk with info in your hand.
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  • contessa h

    I have a thyroid problem and I can tell you from personal experience that blood tests are not accurate, I would go to a ND doctor and have saliva tests done and show this doctor a copy of the blood tests you just did and go from there. I also had an ultrasound done followed by radiation per the endo doctor i had at that time and after years of research and searching for better doctor and help, I deeply regret doing that. It is critical these days to empower yourself and research all the symptoms,etc in order to know what would be best for yourself. I joined a yahoo group for the thyroid and they helped me with test results,doctors,questions,symptoms and generally support during the really hard times with this. Hope I helped.

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