What are some simple/natural things I can do to improve my health/make me feel better?

I have good health, but suffer from bipolar disorder which in turn makes me restless and have insomnia and stress. I would like to know how I can feel healthier mentally and physically by making changes in diet, lifestyle, or by natural remedies.
Also, what are some natural remedies for insomia?


  • Lightspeed21

    Some tea remedies for insomnia include the following:

    – chamomile tea
    – passion flower tea
    – lavender tea
    – valerian tea
    – catnip tea
    – skullcap tea

  • Wally M

    Natural remedies for insomnia-Valerian-lettuce leaf-hops-Passion flower

    go for a swim and eat fruit and veg,avoid alcohol-caffeine-eating late at night

    Good luck

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