Have you had any miraculous experiences with natural medicine?

I used to suffer from severe eczema (and only a person with eczema can understand what that feels like!), and my eczema is COMPLETELY cured as a result of homeopathy treatment. Haven’t touched any disgusting steroid creams in many months.

Chiropractic has helped me a lot in so many ways as well. Just got rid of a horribly persistant pain in my hips that I’ve had for over a year, with only ONE adjustment.

Two AMAZING desciplines in natural medicine!! Would have loved to learn more about how they work.


  • twistedbunny88

    I work as a natural health advisor, and as a result, I’ve had many wonderful experiences with it.

    I no longer get migraine headache where as before I would suffer with 2 – 3 headaches a week. All I take for this is a magnesium supplement and a good multi-vitamin for the B-complex.

    I’ve had UTI’s clear up in only a couple of hours after a flare-up from using Cranberry extracts and juices.

    And of course, there are many of our clients who swear by these remedies, and do not see (or rarely see) medical doctors.

    Whole health MD is a really good sight that talks about these treatments and products.

  • shes_watching_the_detectives

    I can recall getting a bladder infection and using a 12 step 12 hour cleaning with natural herbs, suppliments and foods. It not only cured it in a day but unlike medication at a dr. where your chances of getting UTI increase after the medicen, i havent gotten one since.
    My family has been practising with natural remedies since i was a kid. I’ve rarly been to a dr.

  • snake26

    I was wounded in war and it was badly infected, some little old man put some disgusting looking and smelling paste on it and within acouple days infection was almost gone.

  • JeffyB

    I used ot have pain in my knees, and used "MSM" as an anti-inflammatory. It’ worked GREAT, and no side effects.

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