Cholesterol test results?

I just had a lipid profile done, but the comments section got cut off, so all I have is the blood test data. How are these numbers:

Cholesterol – 159
Triglycerides – 52
HDL cholesterol – 67
LDL cholesterol – 82
Cholesterol/HDL ratio – 2.4
LDL/HDL ratio – 0.81

Thanks, I appreciate your help.
Oh, and all of those numbers are given in mg/dL

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  • gangadharan_nair

    Cholesterol- Normal < 200 mg/dL. Desirable level corresponding to lower risk for heart disease
    Triglyceride- Normal < 150 mg/dL. Normal range, low risk.
    HDL- Normal > 60 mg/dL. High HDL level, optimal condition considered protective against heart disease.
    LDL-Normal: < 100 mg/dL. Optimal LDL cholesterol, corresponding to reduced, but not zero, risk for heart disease

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