Thyroid and trying to conceive?

I went in on Friday for a colposcopy and a biopsy due to testing positive for HPV. Not a fun experience might i add! I mentioned to my doctor that I was only having 1 day periods, followed by brown discharge. She sent me to have blood work done to test my Thyroid. My husband and I have been TTC (trying to conceive) for 8 months now and have been unsuccessful. What would testing my thyroid have to due with my husband trying to get pregnant? Thanks all!


  • Marks Wifee

    Ok, I have both of those problems.
    I have hypo-thyroid (under active) and have had that since I was 12 years old. The reason the doctor tests that, is because if you have LOW or HIGH thyroid .. it will prevent you from conceiving .. OR you will conceive and the thyroid condition can cause you to miscarry. (the baby does not have its own thyroid until after 12 weeks) so your thyroid has to be in tip top condition!
    I became pregnant in Oct. of last year and instantly went to see an endocrinologist (thyroid doctor) and he increased my thyroid medication from .125 – .167 for the baby.
    I am now 29 weeks pregnant with a very healthy baby boy!
    *I also have HPV which I was diagnosed with 2 weeks before becoming pregnant. at that time of diagnosis, they did a colposkopy (spelling?) and I had "pre-cancerous cells" ..meaning my cells were changing.
    No worries, the doctor said its very common .. and 1 out of 4 patients he sees each day has that.
    So, don’t worry .. I have both of the issues you mentioned .. and everything with me and my baby are perfect! 🙂
    Just keep up on the thyroid .. and if you become pregnant .. get it monitored REGULARLY (like every 6 weeks) if it shows you are over active .. or underactive!

    good luck! God bless!

  • sexy belizean

    you can still conceive…i have heart disease and have one child and one on the way….

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    Dont you think that this should be saved for your doctor?

  • Your thyroid regulates your hormones. My husband’s cousin has issues with her thyroid and was put on medication. She did conceive, but bled every day of her pregnancy, and had to have medication to help her. Her little boy is now 2!

  • damduckie

    f you are thinking about becoming pregnant and have symptoms of hypothyroidism, it is crucial that you get your thyroid levels corrected before you even conceive.
    If you are trying to get pregnant right now and cannot, it could be because you hypothyroidism is making you infertile.
    Studies show that women with low thyroid have trouble getting pregnant, and that proper thyroid supplementation can help achieve pregnancy. Infertility is yet another hypothyroid symptom amongst many others.

    Getting pregnant with a hyperthyroid…..Well, you will stress your body even further and may have to deal with other unwanted symptoms. A study in the Journal of Medical Screening attributed six out of every 100 late miscarriages to an undiagnosed hypothyroid condition in the mother. If you have had miscarriages, this could be the problem.

    You could have worse symptoms while pregnant or you may feel better (everyone is different). Progesterone levels are very high during pregnancy and you may feel happier — I noticed I was giddy many days while being pregnant both times, although I was dealing with terrible fatigue and extreme anemia (another symptom of hypo) with my second pregnancy –.

    Being hypothyroid while pregnant may mean you will have more symptoms to deal with after the baby is born. When you nurse your baby, your baby may become hypothyroid also. Thyroid hormone is the only hormone passed through breast milk – a baby who isn’t getting enough thyroid hormone will be small and sleep too much, plus has a lower IQ. This info is from a double-blind study in which they tested the IQs of 5-6 year olds they had followed since birth, and the thyroid condition of the mothers.

    Because thyroid hormone is the only hormone a nursing mother passes to her baby in her breast milk, many women become hypothyroid while nursing. But if a woman is not hypothyroid to begin with, she will not necessarily become hypothyroid from nursing.

    Women with postpartum low thyroid often go on to develop permanent autoimmune hypothyroidism and their babies may be permanently damaged by their deficiency. It is vital to be treated before becoming pregnant and if you find out you are hypothyroid after pregnancy, it is imperative you get treatment right away.

    good luck!

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