Need information about natural sleep aids?

I need information about natural sleep aids.
Where can I find it?


  • There are several non prescription natural sleep aids available from Health Food stores.

    Chamomile herbal tea is noted for its soothing properties while ginseng and catnip are among other herbs which make a soothing cup of tea with mild sedative properties.

    Valerian root is another popular sleep aid that can be taken as a tea or in a supplement form. However, Valerian can take a few weeks to take full effect.

    Melatonin is a herbal sleep aid which is also produced naturally by your body. It helps to regulate our sleep and wake cycles but there is a reduction in melatonin production as we get older, which in turn affects the sleep wake cycles. By taking melatonin supplements, you make up for the loss of natural production within the body thereby allowing you to sleep better.

    Other herbal supplements include St. John’s Wort, Kava Kava and Hops.

  • Lost in time

    Is the herb we use
    5mg pills

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  • Shelbi

    I’m usually travelling once a month for work. A few years ago, I had no problems dealing with the jet lag but recently it really started getting the best of the me.

    Started drinking chamomile tea before bed and that did help at first but eventually it wasn’t that big a help. I’m opposed to the prescribed sleep aids, that’s just me. Started looking into natural sleep aids with only herbs and other natural ingredients.

    Finally found this natural supplement on amazon called instant sleep. Will admit I was skeptical at first but it has won me over. Fall asleep soundly and the best part is I wake up energized and in a good mood from it as well. Been thoroughly impressed with it, would recommend it to anyone.

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