Natural anti-depressants?

Hello, I’m a young adult who’s on a waiting list for an appointment with a psychiatrist. My appointment is on August 20, but I feel like I really can’t wait that long. Unfortunately there is no way to speed up the waiting list.

I show strong signs of having BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) and depression. I’m undergoing an episode of a particularly low mood. The thing is, I really want to get stuff done this summer. Get a job, study, read books, exercise, and so on but I can’t muster up the willpower to do it because of my state. I was wondering if there are any natural remedies to these episodes of low moods?

Thank you for any help (:


  • Hayley

    hi, st johns wort is the best natural depression remedy although i suggest that you research it before deciding if it’s for you.. it can interact with many other medicines, i.e. it reduces the effectiveness of contraceptive pills. you can get it from health food stores. make sure you tell your gp if you are put on any other medications incase it interacts. i would also suggest doing things you enjoy and doing exercise and ensuring you eat healthly and balanced as this can contribute to an overall feeling of well being.

  • Lord Krishna

    Chinese medicine treated my depression in 2 weeks. Mental problems is relate to physical problems in the brain, so a psychiatrist will never cure you.

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