Is something wrong with my health?

I’m a 15 year old boy.
So lately(3weeks ago) I have been having pretty bad anxiety. I had couple of attacks but the attack seems to soften BUT my thoughts seems to worsen. I am a hypochondriac and I’m very afraid of my health. So after that was said, here are my symptoms
I had night sweats for 2 days in a row which worried me the most (I have been taking medicine and herbal medication, not if this information matters)
I had a swollen lymph node in the top right of my neck but it has gotten a lot better(stop swelling, doesn’t hurt as much when I touch it, and the redness of it faded almost fully away)
I still have an apatite but I went on a diet for about 3 weeks and lost roughly 1 or 2 pound
I feel tired and weak most of the day
My knee cap hurts for no reason for almost a year already
I went to several doctors and they all said I have tonsillitis and gave me medicine for it.

I have never really felt this way before my anxiety kicked in.
Is something wrong with me?

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