i don't seem to like water sooooo i don't actaully drink a lot of it! is this a bad thing?

i actually drink juice ..water seems to be too plain..can anyone help me to stay committed to drinking water..i need some motivation!? please help!!!


  • quagmire1

    try putting a lemon or lime wedge in it, or since you like fruit juice so much, dilute the juice half with water and you will be much better off, plus be taking in less calories.

  • You really should just force yourself. If you absolutely can’t, try mixing your juice half and half with water.

  • Mona Q

    you can actually get flavored wate now.
    which makes drinking water a whole different experience

  • Irish

    To keep water levels up you don’t have to drink plain water, you’ll be fine with anything that contains water like squash but make sure there’s not a lot of sugar in it, also tea is good to keep fluids up. Also try flavoured water.

  • auntb93

    A lot of juice is not good for you; too much sugar, too much acid. Try some of those flavored waters, or perhaps just put a bit of lemon juice in the water. Also, experiment with herb teas. Many of those are tasty and are also better for you than too much juice.

    The other thing is experiment with the temperature of the water. I like mine as cold as possible, but some of my friends think it’s easier to drink at room temperature.

  • cre8iv_cat

    I never thought I would like water either but it something you get use to as you drink more of it. Ways to help you drink more water is adding fruit to it or you can buy some of those Crystal Light packets to go and add it to your water bottle. Those packets help me when I’m tired of drinking just plain water. Tea counts as a water intake also. Fruit juice is okay but loaded with sugars.

  • nysue62

    I don’t like it much myself. I guess you can drink things that are made with it, like iced tea or flavor the water.

  • bigcee is the man!

    consider that your body is 75% water, and when you swet and pee your losing it. you have to drink 96 ounces of water a day to stay healthy. 120 plus if you want to lose weight. try a flavored water like propel. or you can by bottled water and add those crystal light single serving packets.

  • Precious Gem

    Try flavor water. Water helps hydrate the brain
    so you can think better plus water helps flush the system out which helps the body function better.

  • ross m

    All the above advice seems good to me. Saves me having to think.

  • essdee

    my daughter prefers it boiled then cooled – reckons it tastes "nicer" – I don’t care so long as she drinks water – it can rehydrate the brain, so fewer headaches!

  • mikesell

    you should always drink water….
    its good for your health, besides, didn’t you know that water is the best alternative medicine in curing ilnesses? so drink plenty of water.. you need it….

  • Suffer the pain of a kidney stone as I have. Cause not drinking enough water! I also dislike it but now drink 4 litres
    daily. No more stones.

  • Its not a good /healthy thing to do actually. Your body cannot function properly. I don’t like to drink plain water too. In fact I don’t drink more than 4 glasses a day.

    Juice is good when you drink it without any additional flavors /sugar. Try to make thirst of yourself. Exercise and jogs can make you thirsty.When you really thirsty you tend to drink more water.

  • it’s definitely a bad thing for your health. you might get UTI (urinary tract infection)… i think you should practice or make it a habit to drink water from time to time…it will not happen in a just a snap, it takes time but be patient eventually you’ll get use to it=>

  • fftlandmcrfan

    Why don’t you add squash or stuff to the water so it tastes nicer.
    As long as you eat alot of fruit and veg and juice, a couple of glasses of water you should be fine.
    The recommended intake of water is half made up from the water you get from your food anyway it doesn’t mean thats how much you have to drink alot of people don’t realise that.

  • chicagoshooter

    This may help… when you are not getting enough water, your body actually retains more water, making you bloated and heavy. Quote from random website proving the point, although this isn’t where I first learned of this:

    "Drink at least 8 glasses of fluids, per day. Mineral water, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice and herbal teas (eg. nettle and dandelion) are good choices. Paradoxically, the more hydrated the body, the less water it retains."

    Up until recently I couldn’t make myself drink much water either. I don’t know what changed except that now I work at someplace that is always stocked with bottled water for the employees.

    Crystal light makes these low calorie flavor packets that you can pour into your bottled water for flavor too. You might try that if you really need the flavor.

  • Catherine B

    Apparently scientists are saying now that you don’t need to drink the recommended 2 litres a day if you are getting fluids from other sources (but not diuretics such as caffeinated drinks) such as fruit and vegetables (including smoothies) and other food items with a high water content.

  • ♥•••cassie•••♥

    I used to not drink a lot of water, but as I started getting older all the calories and sugar in all the juice I drank caught up with me and I gained weight. Once I started forcing myself to drink water I started to like it. I bought a couple really pretty plastic "sports" bottles and would reward myself. Like if I drink 3 of these today I can have a coke (or juice) with dinner. Now all I drink is water, you just have to get yourself used to not having the sweetness with your drink. I won’t go into all the options of things to add to your water because everyone else has, but give it a try. If you try to do the reward system then take some rubberbands and put them around your wrist, after you drink one glass move it to your other wrist. It’s a more interactive way to keep track of your water intake.

  • sirberty127

    2 litres a day dear girl

  • British*Bird

    I drink pints of sugar free cordial and water, this is just as good.

  • omsie_x

    it has 0 calories
    you cant go wrong!

  • heleni

    You don’t have to drink plain water to be healthy, but whatever you drink instead, try to keep caffeine, alcohol and sugar to a minimum.

    I didn’t used to like water much, but since I started keeping filtered water in my fridge I actually crave it, and choose it over other drinks.

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