How much Bach Rescue Remedy do I give my kitten?

I bought a small bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy from a health food store today. I know to put 4 drops in a glass of water or under my tongue, but how much do I put in my 3 month old kitten’s water to calm him down? I know you can’t really give too much since it’s natural stuff, but it was expensive so I don’t want to waste it when less would do. Thanks.
My kitten attacks me constantly, and even bit both my parents. My mother has the meanest cat I’ve ever met and even he never attacked anyone this much. I wouldn’t go out and buy a tiny bottle of stuff for if I hadn’t already run out of options. I put one drop in his huge water bowl. I think he’ll live.


  • Lisa J

    You’re right not to want to waste it as it is expensive. I’ll tell you what to do. The active ingredient in Bach Flower Remedies (all Flower Remedies) is the vibrational message which is transmitted by the water.

    What you buy in the store is called Stock. You can buy an empty bottle with a dropper (at the health food store or at a drug store).

    Fill it with 1/4 of strong alcohol if you have (brandy, whisky etc. as a conserving agent) or apple cider vinegar if you don’t want to use alcohol,

    Add 4 drops of the stock you bought and fill the rest of the bottle with mineral water.

    It will be every bit as powerful as the stock you bought and the stock will last almost for ever. I guarantee the effectiveness of this as I make my own Flower Essences and have done research on them.

    Give yourself or your kitten 4 drops of this new mixture as often as you wish but at least twice a day. You can never take too much and it is not addictive. It’s the same dose for children, adults or animals.

    All the best!

  • old cat lady

    The ingredients in Rescue Remedy are as follows:

    Cherry Plum – loss of self control
    Clematis – faintness
    Impatiens – agitation and irritability
    Rock Rose – terror and panic
    Star of Bethlehem 0 shock

    I don’t know what you expectations are about "calming down" a three-month old kitten. Rescue Remedy should be in every animal owners household for emergency situations, trips to the vet, etc. If your kitten is new to the household – hiding, hissing or very frightened the RR is appropriate to use. You are NOT going to change basic kitten behavior with it.

    Diluting it is a great idea and worth the effort to do so. The flower essences are energetic in nature and you should just shake the bottle well and put a few drops on the kitten’s fur between his ears. Flower essences do not have to be INGESTED to be effective (shaking the bottle well before applying is very important).

    I have had two four-month old kittens in my house now for over a month. I wouldn’t think of using my RR on them. They are just kittens – running, jumping, chasing throughout the house till they wear themselves out.

    One kitten had to go to the vet today and I did put some on her in her carrier. My vet always uses his own flower essence combinations when he takes cats from their carriers. Rachel was very calm throughout the whole 1/2 hour procedures, including getting some fluids, drops in her eyes, having her temperature taken, etc. Granted she was not feeling well to begin with. Aside from a few whimpers when she first went in the carrier for the trip downtown she was purring most of time at the vet’s. Of course the vets and the techs LOVE a cat who is calm and easy to deal with in the office.

    Flower essences can do no harm so you can use them as often as it seems indicated without fear of that.

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