Good home remedies for lice?

My little sister has got hair lice & she doesn’t want me to tell Mum because she’s embarrassed, etc. etc.
So, does anyone have a good remedy I could use on her at home?
Mothballs? What?


  • laterales

    There are quite a few totally natural remedies available that readily kill head lice.

    Suffocation is an effective method where oil based products (i.e.: conditioner) are used to block the breathing holes and kill the live lice. The real trick though is to find natural products that will kill both the live lice and their eggs in one fast effective treatment.

    Remedies containing Neem Oil are known to be highly effective as Neem interrupts the growth and reproduction of the head louse. Neem’s insecticidal properties are widely recognized now and the oil is commonly available at your local health food store.

    Feel free to check out the articles at the following site for more advice.

    Good luck.

  • «Jαηєℓℓє»

    mothballs and water
    aha sounds weard but yea!
    go to the drugstore to get the head lice treatment kit:)
    Good Luck!

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