FEELING so sick help please?

I’m on my period, last night was HELL I was vomitting shaking, one minute one minute cold, atm I’m freazing my legs and arms fix week I’m all dizzy feel like I’m gonna be sick aka SO weak…is here anything else wrong with me? I’m really panicking


  • Dr.Mom's Corner

    Hi! your symptoms are mainly due to weakness and low blood pressure,however in some females
    PMS(premenstrual syndrome) is quite severe, therefore the best thing to do is to take hot and warm drinks as much as you can,i.e keep yourself hydrated,you can have juices too,plus any anti emetic such as domperidone,if its available as OTC is very effective twice a day with a pain killer tablet.
    Take Care!

  • It may be due to you being anaemic. Consult a doctor first.

    Be Proud for Being a Woman…Enjoy Your Period as it Comes…. !!!

    Good Luck…!!!

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