Do I need to be a certified CNA to be a Home Health Aide?

This Technical college near me is offering this course. Is this all I need to do Home Health Aide?


  • Robert W

    You may want to call them to qualify a statement in the course description. This course is intended to prepare Nursing Assistants as Home Health Aides. Does that mean that existing nursing assistants are prepared for home health, or it prepares one (who is not a nursing assistant) to be a home health aid? Otherwise, it looks good with the other statement made in the course descripition The Federal and State OBRA Laws and MN Department of Health requirements are met in this course.

  • Been there!

    In most states it is mandatory. But in all hospitals, nursing homes, or private care all want some one who is certified. Go for it! Then don’t stop there, go on for LPN and then for RN with an associates and then go for Rn with bachelors. The reason I say in steps is you may not have the time and/or the money to continue your education while working.

    Good luck! I hope you are a loving, caring, compassionate person with much patience! 🙂

  • SpoiledPrincess86

    no you don’t really need to be, however you should be. It opens up a wider availability o jobs.

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