Colon Cancer please help and answer?

someone in my family has Colon Cancer they just found out. Doctors say its been growing for a year but we dont know what stage it is at. She is an older woman, in her 60s, what is her chance at living/beating the cancer?
ty for your help.
anyone answer please? 10 points 😡


  • wow. wish i were the expert here; but this is what i found out. mayo should know.
    it seems that if she is in relatively good health, prognosis is better for beating the cancer. if she can get treatment (pay for or has insurance- medicare?) she probably can live a normal life. of course a POSITIVE attitude, wanting to be cured, and the will to live seems to help defeat any disease.
    for descendants, i read just today that tea, especially green (unprocessed) tea, normal tea, and COFFEE!, the beverage often linked or attempted to be linked to unhealthy life, are STRONG anti-colon cancer drinks. the more coffee drunk, the higher the resistance. since i am a coffee lover, i have researched it in the past and read an italian study supporting strong coffee consumption UP TO four cups a day. you and your family may consider.
    i hope the mayo site gives you guidance and answers. pray for your relative and tell her to also. does she already know about the cancer? how was her reaction? if she fights it and wants to fight it, that will augment the treatment ordered by the doctors. truly, best wishes:)

  • Paddy 1969

    It depends on what type of treatment she decides to take. These articles may help. She will have to do a little research on this. Good Luck.

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