advice on reducing oily skin?

I am 14 and have ridiculously oily skin and i am desperate to find a way of reducing/eliminating the oil! I moisturize every night! I used to use a primer under my foundation but i stopped and noticed it made literally no difference. I used to use blotting paper but i don’t want to just wipe the oil off, i want it to not be there! I am fed up of my makeup melting off by the end of the day, even though i always use a setting powder!
any advice greatly appreciated :$


  • Smarty Smarticles

    Try the Lemon Juice and Egg Whites mask.
    It whitens the Face (Lemon Juice) and will tighten your Pores plus reduce Oiliness (Egg Whites)

  • m.m.s

    you should wash your face every night with special soaps and see a doctor.

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